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bang bang; we're beautiful and dirty rich

this is my gangster face!
17 March 1990
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28 days later, a very long engagement, alex kapranos, alex kapranos/tyson ritter, alias, alice/jack o., aly & aj, angel, anime, art, avalon high, ball point pens, batman begins, being awesome, being ghetto, big headphones, black, black haired geeky guys, blue eyes, books, breakfast on pluto, britain, british slang, brokeback mountain, buffy, buffy the musical, buffy the vampire slayer, canada, card captor sakura, cats, cheekbones, cheese, chocolate, cillian murphy, dark hair, democrats, drawing, editing, emily the strange, england, english, fanfiction, franz ferdinand, freckles, french, french films, friends, garbage, gaspard ulliel, ginny weasley, grey's anatomy, gwen stefani, half-blood prince, hannibal, harry potter, harry/cedric, harry/ginny, hello kitty, high school musical, hikaru utada, hogwarts, honey bunches of oats, hot topic, ian mckellen, ian somerhalder, icons, invader zim, ipods, ireland, j.k. rowling, james marsters, japan, japanese, jellineck/noblet, jennifer garner, jpop, jules/alice no no no, jules/ian, jules/mf, liberals, libraries, lily allen, lost, manga, me/robert pattinson, meg cabot, michael vartan, mini cooper, moulin rouge, music, musicals, mystery games, nancy drew, nancy drew games, natural blond-ness, our lady peace, pale skin, pink, playstation 2, porsche boxter, purple, queen, quidditch, rainbows, ravenclaw, reading, remus/sirius, robert carmine, robert pattinson, romeo and juliet, ron/hermione, rooney, rpg, sanrio, sarah michelle gellar, scotland, scrubs, secret projects, she's the man, skinny guys, snogging, snow, software, stephen colbert, stick it, strangers with candy, target, tb!, teach me, that's so raven, the all-american rejects, the blues brothers, the colbert report, the crucible, the killers, the princess diaries, the ring, the shoebox project, the sims 2, the suite life, the urbz, thom/alice, tom welling, twilight series, tyson ritter, tyson/blueberry jam, vanessa carlton, writing, young adult books